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  • Prayer doesn't feed the hungry. Bread doesn't feed the soul.

  • Outwardly, the diamond and the zircon look identical, unlike the differences between one's true beliefs and what one professes.

  • Few things can so misdirect man from God as the self-righteous theologian that knows "The Certain Path to God".

  • What exactly is "free will" free of?

  • When one is told that they don't know the difference between right and wrong, just ask that person to explain the difference. Invariably you will hear -"Well if you don't know the difference by now, I'm certainly not going to tell you." Need you wonder any longer about the real reason that they refuse to tell?

  • How vain we are to ever assume that anyone can begin to grasp the mind of God - most of us have trouble enough just grasping our own minds.

  • The pompous preach, while the righteous lead.

  • The cumulative horrors vested upon individuals by other individuals, is miniscule compared to the horrors imposed by governments, organized religions, and various other groups that claim worthy goals.

  • Perhaps evolution is the best evidence of God’s work in progress.

  • Some base their disbelief of God on because evil seems to not always be punished while righteous seem to not always be rewarded. If God always punished the evil and rewarded the righteous while on Earth, how would anyone ever know if the righteous became righteous to receive his or her earthly reward and/or avoid earthly punishment? Even a dog can be trained to do this.

  • Reality is whatever exists, whether believed or denied. Colors exist even if the blind do not see. Sounds exist even if the deaf do not hear. God either exists or doesn’t exist whether one believes or denies. Reality exists like a “white hole” in the universe ever drawing in mankind’s beliefs, whether wanted or opposed.

  • The miracles that happen frequently we call "nature". The miracles that happen rarely we call "delusions"

  • Few things are as appreciated as being praised for one’s work. It is doubtful that God is different.


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