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  • Failure to sharpen our reasoning when trying to understand something is like trying to fell a large tree with a sledgehammer.

  • The mere fact that we can digest animals is no more an indication that we should than is the ability to kill one another an indication that we should.

  • It is our habit of thought to think of a space that contains only air as being of little value. Yet that very same space becomes one of our highest values when we enclose it and call it home. Much of what we most value started out as nothing until we acted to transform it. Such cases, among many, are education, love, and understanding,

  • We only make more complex that which is already complex when we attempt to explain it simplistically.

  • We all pretty well know what we will tolerate being done to us, but our humanity is not defined by this but what we are willing to tolerate being done to strangers.

  • Because we can subjugate animals to our needs, it is easy to see why we regard ourselves as their superiors; this questionable reasoning is also the kind of reasoning that produced masters and slaves.

  • If you chose to follow in the footsteps of those that have gone before, be sure that your feet are larger or else make a new path.

  • Those that save the best for last often save the best for their heirs.

  • One of the problems encountered in pursuing happiness comes from believing that happiness is being happy every waking moment; in thinking this, one resorts to artificial means to take care of those unhappy moments, and does this until one’s life is wrecked.

  • Usually when one has tried everything to solve a problem, one has only tried the most obvious things.

  • If we would only examine our own inventory of initiatives, we would discover that we never have to take initiatives, but only use those that we already have.

  • Accomplishments mean nothing; plans to accomplish mean nothing; the only thing that means anything is discovered in the accomplishing.

  • A good leader leads where the followers would have gone anyway; an outstanding leader goes to where the followers should have been going.

  • Knowledge is like a building site that has received all of its building materials; understanding and wisdom is the assembling those materials into something that is useful.


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Page 91 of  139

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