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  • Many condemn self-doubt as being detrimental to happiness and success; when self-doubt paralyzes one to not act, it should be condemned, but when it causes a person to pause and consider again before acting, self-doubt is a valuable habit.

  • Those that expect to feel happy all of the time, are those that are most likely to pursue a life of alcohol or drug abuse, and are almost certain to be less happy than those that let happiness come to them in unpredictable trickles and gushes.

  • The differences between what we believe, what we say, and what we do, bear an inverse relationship to happiness, as the most unhappy are those that have the largest differences.

  • Whenever one feels that thereís no purpose in life, then thatís the time to put one there. In the past when we believed that there was a purpose in life, it was because someone else put one there. A truly free mind should feel free to assume any purpose in life that fits with oneís natural inclinations.

  • If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, does that mean that one is safer with none?

  • It is personally corrupting to hold on to any belief that we have persuasive reasons to abandon as false; it is the worst kind of corruptions to impart by any means, those beliefs on to another.

  • The choice to swim with the current invariably means that one is going downhill.

  • The only place where autocratic rule should exist is in ďThe Kingdom of Oneí, but alas most often it is never found there at all even though that is where it is most needed.

  • There are few virtues that canít be turned into vices by the extremes of excess.

  • Even the wisest individual will fail to apply that wisdom when emotions are ignited.

  • The journey that takes each of us from birth to death can be traveled either as a passenger or as a helmsman, with the passengers permitting others to determine their destinations.

  • The most certain way to make the world a better place is to make oneself a better person.

  • There many about us that are like a barren desert but with an inexhaustible aquifer lying just below the surface only waiting to be tapped to make the desert bloom.

  • We are more able to live up to otherís good opinions of us than we are to try and disprove their poor opinions of us.

  • Being independent is a delusion if we think of being absolutely so, for we are far more dependent on others and things, than we are aware.

  • A nation will prosper as long as the collective wisdom of its people greatly exceeds its collective foolishness.

  • Not knowing where one wants to go in life, and without having a plan of how to get to a certain place, is like endlessly driving highways without benefit of maps or highway signs.

  • Denying the obvious truth of evolution provides the same ability to see the truth that the ostrich is said to employ when its head is buried.


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Page 91 of  161

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