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  • When someone you care for, unintentionally does something that is hurtful, it’s best to keep quiet about it unless you believe that the world is better off with two people hurting instead of just one.

  • The difference between a cult and a culture, is that the last is not judged by those in its midst.

  • Those that believe: “What will be will be.” are correct, and that is the best reason of all to be a part of deciding what will be.

  • It is wise to conserve oneself for those things that matter, and ignore those things that merely irritate and aggravate, otherwise those things that matter will matter less.

  • “Can’t” is one of those dirty little four letter words that we should replace with “haven’t”.

  • Those about us are generally seeking little more than affirmations that they are valued, and the greater their desperation, the more willing they are to accept the imitations of affirmations, and the more susceptible they are to becoming offended by the slightest hint that they are not valued.

  • One thing, which adds to the possibility of victory, is when others believe that you’ve lost, but you know that you’ve just begun.

  • Our understandings are linear in nature as words grow into sentences that eventually form meanings that enable us to deal with the world about us. Our feelings, and our senses, are not linear; they come to us in their two and three dimensional forms that we immediately recognize as their nature without the use of a single word.

  • Be they true or false, few things are as shallow and as temporal as the opinions that others have of us; yet, few things are as enduring as the opinions that we know to be true of ourselves.

  • An un-cresting wave in mid-ocean gives the appearance of the water moving forward; however, the water is just moving up and down, it is the force that is moving forward. In very much the same way, we may believe that we can do something to cause us to move beyond our lifetimes through fame, but this also is an illusion, it is only the force of our lives that persists past our graves.

  • Whether blessings outweigh our misfortunes or vice versa, depend, not on the quantity of either, but upon who is reading the scales.

  • As teenagers, it looked like anything was possible; in old age we lament that it might have been if only-----.

  • Disillusionment is most often followed by newer delusions.

  • The “good old days” mostly originate in the present.

  • A belief is not a living thing to which we own loyalty; rather it is in truth that we owe loyalty. If truth isn’t in a belief, it should no longer be held as a belief.


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Page 91 of  131

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