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  • The beginning has ended and the end is beginning but the middle determines what the beginning will produce in the end.

  • If our only pay for good works is the praise received from others, then we are being underpaid, for the greatest pay of all is what we pay to ourselves just in the joy of creating.

  • One should never be afraid of innovating, even after failing; this is because each failure represents a journey on a short road while every success may become a journey on a road that is endless.

  • It is very stimulating to be blunt; however it is the kind of stimulation that gets you ejected.

  • Moving forward, but moving forward much slower than the rest of the world, is little different than not moving at all.

  • Very often something original comes from seriously considering that which seems completely irrational.

  • It is possible but improbable that after putting incorrect data into a computer, that one might still come up with the correct answer, the same way that many who use fallacious assumptions come to the same conclusions as those that use valid assumptions.

  • It is obvious that if you “Be all that you can be.”, then you’ll be dead.

  • We tend to look up to those that we never hope to exceed; we tend to pull down those that are above us if we want to exceed them.

  • Trying to force a belief into another is like trying to give a cat a bath in a pan of water.

  • It should be the role in teaching to unlock and open doors and then get students curious enough to want to see what’s next door.

  • One of the great maladies of thought is that people tend to remember their conclusions about what they saw instead of remembering only what they saw.

  • It is difficult to get anyone interested in the future unless that person believes there will be one.

  • A car that is sold “as is” means that the seller assumes no liability for future performance; in every way, each day comes to us “as is” with our responsibility being 100% as to how that day performs and with no liability to its provider.

  • Dwelling on the negatives of the past is the surest way to prevent the development of positives in the present.

  • When we tell others what we believe them to be, we mold them slightly to become so.

  • What may be disgusting to one person may seem like beauty to another, and later that same person may find that the beauty of yesterday has become the disgust of today. In all matters where tastes are concerned, every emotion is possible and so no criticism of another’s taste is rational.

  • Words often fail where sentences succeed.


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