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  • The doors of our cages are never locked, all we need is the courage to open the doors and fly.

  • It is the fool, when traveling a path and discovering that it doesn’t lead where intended, that refuses to turn around because of the fear that others will think him to be a fool.

  • We learn nothing with our mouths open; we learn nothing with our minds closed; we learn a lot with our mouths closed, and a lot with our minds open.

  • There are those whose humility is so well developed that they take pride in it to the point of arrogance.

  • It is sad but true that our hatreds of something produce a stronger bond between us than do our mutually held affections for something.

  • The most common delusion of all is that we have no delusions at all.

  • We often hear it said that someone made a fool out of another, but it is more likely that someone merely revealed a foolish opinion of another; if a person is a fool, another cannot make him one again; if not a fool, then no one can convert him into one.

  • The stupidity that dwells in each of us is kept hidden by our tendency to limit ourselves to the narrow spectrum of things that we understand and do well.

  • The easiest way to seem prescient is to make innumerable predictions and point out only the bulls-eyes.

  • We often refer to “a chain of events” as a series of events that seem unbreakable as if they were chains; in reality, these are more like a ”web of events” that could have easily been broken if so chosen.

  • If great pleasure is pursued at the risk of great pain, there eventually will be great pain without any pleasure.

  • Our DNA set us in motion; our minds and circumstances determine where we move.

  • As age reduces our sexual drives what is regarded as pornography increases proportionally.

  • Individually we are like small streams that can change little, but united with others we can become like the mightiest of rivers that can change the Earth’s countenance forever.

  • When another has a headache, we accept that fact when we are told of it, but always reserve a sliver of doubt because no source of torment is visible.

  • When young we need the delusions that all cultures provide; were it not for these delusions few would excel and many would just give up and die. It is for the mature mind to shed these delusions and discover within oneself the inner realities that make life beautiful and worth living.

  • Tyrannies at every level arise from those that have unquestioned certainties and the power to implement them.

  • Heaven may only be what we grow within us by planting, cultivating, and harvesting the best that we can be. Hell may only be what we grow within us by planting, cultivating, and harvesting the worst that we can be. Like all things that we grow, we are always able to cultivate one or the other as we pass through the many seasons of our lives.

  • No one would trust us on any matter if we lied to them as much as we lie to ourselves. Why then do we trust ourselves so?

  • We acknowledge that no person is an island, but it is obvious that there are some who are very narrow peninsulas.

  • There are times when writing, when one’s fingers seem to spring to life and write what never came to the awareness of the writer; it is as though one’s hands have mysteriously been attached to an entity whose presence is unknown and that writes thoughts that were never thought.

  • We should remember that every “has been” is also a “”will be”.


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Page 92 of  161

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