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  • To discover the things that we should value most highly, listen to those that know that they are dying and take heed of those things that they still value highly, even though they know that soon they will be nevermore to them.

  • One’s great awakening occurs when one realizes that most of our beliefs were placed within us to benefit society and not ourselves; in so recognizing, one can pursue self-realization while not disrupting the plodding of the world about us.

  • The apple tree owes nothing to the bee that pollinated its blossoms and enabled its fruit to set, because, just like people, both have benefited from the acts that helped others even when that was not the intention.

  • Surely the concept of balance in the Universe and in mankind must be mystical in origin, as it is infrequently observed either in nature or in ourselves. It is easy to look at the processes, which are caused by imbalances, and to then see an eventual end to those processes and then call them balanced since they seem to no longer change. All we are observing are the periods when imbalances have ceased, but only for the moment. Joy need not be balanced by sadness. Pain need not be balanced by comfort. Good need not be balanced by evil. Were all things balanced, we would be unchanged and unchanging. Balances are only intermissions in imbalances. All forces are eventually exhausted before another force acts, but that force doesn’t necessarily reverse the prior force.

  • No matter how many times that we’ve tried something and failed, we have only discovered what we haven’t done, not what we can’t do.

  • It is seductive to claim that one’s beliefs are limited only those subjects that can be verified; however, even this belief cannot be verified as it takes another’s belief in the existence of the original belief before we are willing to accept its existence. Even when we write a description of a belief, it is only a written description of a belief; it is not the belief itself. Beliefs can never be verified, only accepted or rejected as to their existence.

  • Instead of our becoming strongly attached to the many things of life, it would help us to regard our possessions as only loans that eventually we will repay by their return; thus should they be lost, it is only a repayment that was earlier than expected.

  • To be concerned with; what others wear, with what others do, with what others think, and to what others believe, is to remain perpetually adolescent until death either ends or disrupts the process.

  • The word “justice” often indicates little more than the politically incorrect word “revenge”.

  • What most call luck isn’t something that comes to visit but something that is home-made.

  • Many individuals become so attached to their beliefs, that even when they are shown to be false, they would prefer to part with an attached appendage.


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