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  • The words of others are more suspect the more forcefully their truths are claimed.

  • Each generation is moved by its own peculiar set of delusions. It is well to wonder, if in the absence of these delusions, whether civilization could continue to on to the next generation.

  • Nature may be beautiful and serene at the macro-level; but, at the micro-level is ugly and violent.

  • A computer needs an operating system, like “Windows”, before it can process input into anything that is meaningful; the human mind also uses an operating system called “Assumptions”, which is required before it can process input into anything that is meaningful. Unlike a computer, each of us uses a different operating system; this means that each of us can process the same input into things that mean something different for each of us.

  • The road ahead is much easier traveled when it is swept free of those things that can’t be changed.

  • The mob has great appeal for those that want violence but haven’t the courage to perform it alone.

  • The doctor that claims that someone’s ailment is imaginary fails to recognize that the imagination is real and often really curative.

  • Although we may never know why the chicken crossed the road, it isn’t difficult to imagine why it didn’t cross the road a second time.

  • To say that the average person lives a life of quiet desperation places too much emphasis on emotions; more accurately, the average person lives a life of quiet unemotional apathy.

  • Dogmas of the past are ill-suited for the problems of today and should be put in the catacombs of our minds like the long discarded myths that we are aware of but seldom employ.

  • Instead of asking permission, be bold and act, therefore placing the burden on others to deny you.

  • It is wise to remember that when others give their word, that it is only a word. It is the character of the individuals that determines the worth of their words.

  • The peacock’s feathers are often worn by those that could only afford those of the sparrow.

  • Never feel bad when you’ve lost doing your best; rather feel good for the skills of the victor and learn from them. The time to feel bad is when you’ve lost but failed to do your best.

  • For every person that we recognize as a hero, there are thousands of “sheroes”, living desperately day by day, providing for their families.

  • Most desires are like fires, fires that were created to warm their creators and to consume those that do the desiring.

  • Although we know for certain that there are things that exist that we cannot yet measure, the inability to measure something should be the first hint that it may not exist.

  • The four functions of every profession are: 1) to raise its standards; 2) to raise its members income; 3) to present the best image possible to the public, and 4) to hide its most unattractive attributes. In the end, #1, #2, and #4 exist only for #2.

  • Much of what we see on television is like a food processor for the mind.

  • History is what occurred in the past and shouldn’t be confused with accounts of history that occur in the present.

  • The animals at the slaughterhouse probably wouldn’t be consoled if they knew that their dying won’t be personal.

  • If individuals are denied an occasional pleasurable experience, they will most often cause the most un-pleasurable experiences for others.

  • Declaring that we are our brother’s keepers is the most certain way to gain brothers.

  • The ideal world of the environmentalist is not inaccessible; all that needs to be done is to eliminate 90% or more of the world’s population.

  • Think so highly of others that you have no fear of their judgments of you.

  • Until you destroy the will of an enemy, that enemy is still an enemy that may grow even stronger than before.

  • Few things are as pitiful as those that imagine that somehow happiness will be found in the next purchase of something.

  • Although still not perfect, the most accurate book that we will probably ever read is the phone book

  • We have delusions of permanence in a world where nothing is.

  • The prime function within any organization, be it government, church, or even a family, is to propagate and sustain itself.

  • More couples of today would want children if they had more of the properties of a Wal-Mart purchase, - a good warranty and some kind of return policy if not satisfied.

  • The first thing that children should be taught in school is to doubt all that will follow.

  • The wealth of a girl’s parents is often her most attractive makeup.

  • Had black men, of long ago, captured and enslaved white men, today back men would be as likely to look down on white men as many white men do today on black men.

  • The less we know about problems, the more we imagine ourselves wise in their solutions.

  • There are no silly questions, but, there are millions of silly answers.


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