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  • In every way, we should become masters over our circumstances, for if not, the circumstances are sure to become masters over us.

  • The test of whether we are on the pathway to truth is to whether our steps produce fewer failures than before.

  • When we lose credibility, it can only be recovered in small pieces.

  • So that opportunity will have no need of knocking, remove the door and replace it with a welcome mat.

  • To understand the definition of a word should never be confused with understanding what a word means.

  • We must lessen our grip on the past before we can gain a hold on tomorrow.

  • No one has a remote control that can be used to direct our lives unless we give them one, for our controls are all safely located immediately behind our eyes.

  • Rare is the compliment to a stranger that is ever forgotten.

  • Those that contend that homosexuals are the result of choosing to be so and that they could become a heterosexual if they choose, should ask themselves the following two questions: When did I decide to be a heterosexual? If I chose, could I now decide to be sexually attracted to my own sex and become a homosexual that isn’t attracted sexually to the opposite sex?

  • We should always try to appear as what we are, and avoid trying to be what we appear.

  • It would help us to become happier if we would view each day like a new poker hand where we see what we have and then try to do our best with what we have.

  • To say: “I don’t know.” Is almost always true; to say: “I know.” is not as true as saying: “I believe.”

  • Much of our childhood involves our being led ever deeper into a maze in which we will spend much of the remainder of lives finding our way out.

  • On that rare moment when we are permitted to enter the soul of another, we become eternal for just that moment.

  • In strip mining, the top layer, which is called the overburden, must be slowly removed to reveal the valuable resource that lies buried; in very much the same way, each of us must slowly remove the overburden, that our culture has placed over us, if we are to ever mine the valuable resource within.

  • The strong and the weak as well as the smart and the stupid will all be swept away, leaving only those most able to adjust to change, for in the end, adaptability will be recognized as one’s greatest strength.

  • If empirical evidence can’t be utilized to prove the existence of something, then it is wise in planning to assume that the something doesn’t exist; however, we should always remember that many of our assumptions will eventually be proven false.

  • It is obvious that maladies and blessings are not and never will be, evenly distributed, but to dwell upon one’s deficiencies only adds another malady to one’s many woes.

  • It is better to say what is true than to say what is expected; it is better to say what is true today instead of what was true yesterday; it is better to say what is true here instead of what is true elsewhere, and it is better to say what is true in one’s heart than to say what is true in one’s head.


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Page 93 of  139

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