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  • Everyone believes that they possess good sense, and undoubtedly this is true, but the problem is-do they have enough?

  • A rock at the bottom of the mountain fears being buried by an avalanche; the rock at the top of the mountain fears that it will start that avalanche.

  • If you were talented at sculpturing, you might make a statue that would be regarded as beautiful; if the statue could think, would it be proud of itself? This is what we do whenever we are proud of what our sculptors have made, and even of the brains and talents that we also like to believe were our creations.

  • The smaller the character of a person is, the more susceptible to the smallest irritants.

  • We never really want to change our minds, but changing our opinions, now that’s a very different matter.

  • If we value life as being as free from suffering as possible, how can we be so arrogant as to believe that this is an ideal state just for us and not all creatures?

  • When a person goes fishing, the person goes to where the fish are. When we have emotional problems, we should go to our heads, not the heads of others.

  • Even though the truth can set you free, the process often ties knots in your tail.

  • One of the great sorrows of our time, and also of the times gone by, is that we believe ourselves to be only what we believe that others think us to be; we should pray that in the future that what we will believe ourselves to be is what we discover within ourselves, not what we think we discover in the opinions of others.

  • The reason our ignorance is not so apparent to us is because we measure our knowledge only in comparison to one another instead of in comparison to what is knowable.

  • Success flows from our doing those non-dangerous things that we are afraid of doing instead of doing only those things that we feel most inclined to do.

  • It is said that one of the characteristics of insanity is in doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the results to be different; by that standard, we must be insane for we keep buying things, hoping that they will somehow fill our empty lives, but they remain as empty as they did before.

  • The fact that we say that we will “bear a grudge” instead of saying that we will “soar with a grudge” should make it self-evident as to the desirability of our being grudgeless.

  • It is well that we reflect back on our mistakes to insure that we don’t repeat them; it is a mistake to dwell on them however, for to do so is another mistake that blackens our present.

  • Even though money can’t buy happiness, it can sure reduce one’s unhappiness.

  • Life is a long journey in a small canoe on a turbulent sea; those that wish to get to their destinations need to stop paddling on occasion and bail like hell.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 93 of  161

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