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  • There’s no problem placing square pegs in round holes, and vice-versa; all you have to do is either enlarge the hole or reduce the size of the peg. So it is with much of life.

  • Change isn’t optional, the direction of the change is.

  • Other than emotional gratification, little comes from sharing a common belief; it is the disagreement about our beliefs that opens the possibility of benefiting in ways other than emotional.

  • Our culture writes the scripts for our lives; it is up to us to either abide by them or write our own.

  • Whenever we hear the word “why” we should interpret it to mean: What is the cause? This is true even when someone is referring to the purpose of something being done because the purpose has become the cause.

  • If we plant carrots, we shouldn’t expect to pull up turnips; but, perhaps we might not pull up carrots either.

  • The creativity of mankind is never more obvious than when ready answers are given to the many questions of life that are absolutely unanswerable.

  • It is convenient to assume that “We only reap what we sow.” But to assume this ignores the obvious fact that we often reap what we didn’t sow, and often reap none of what we did sow. This, none-the-less, is an assumption that is helpful for assuming the total responsibility for what occurs, even though there may be obvious factors that deny its being completely true.

  • Many more things are addictive then we generally suppose, some of which are condoned by the majority, such as the unquenchable desire for others to display their acceptance of us.

  • The core of the beliefs of many is more related to stubbornness than to deep conviction.

  • One is under no moral obligation to honor a commitment when the other party has first clearly violated the commitment; to continue honoring such is to place oneself under the arbitrary rule of another.

  • If none of us ever put off until tomorrow what we can do today, we’d all have died yesterday.

  • Most interpersonal communications don’t communicate information as much as they communicate the feeling of being accepted.

  • Defeat only comes to those that accept it.

  • Many, and perhaps most disagreements when analyzed, are only over matters of taste of which there can neither be right nor wrong.

  • The nonconformist arouses doubts within the conformists as to the certainty of what they believe they are.


Comments - Our Non-Religious Beliefs
Page 93 of  131

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