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  • We seldom discover a truth though we often discover its footprints to follow.

  • When carrying a candle in the darkness, it tends to blind when held in front, but held to the side it illuminates the way without blinding. In very much the same way, if we hold our accomplishments before us, we become blinded as to what is ahead, but when putting our accomplishments aside, they add confidence to what we are about to do.

  • We can busy ourselves by scurrying all over the world; we can buy endless things, be they big or small, and yet for all of the scurrying and all of the buying, what we were looking for and what we wanted to possess was within each of us all of the time, but we just never knew it was so until almost too late.

  • Remaining silent when that silence would knowingly cause another to mistakenly believe that you are in agreement, is like is like believing that it’s alright to lie if one’s fingers are crossed.

  • Rejecting an obvious truth is like rejecting the moon because it blocks our views of some stars.

  • When we give another something, it is theirs to do with as they choose with one exception, --when we give them our word.

  • If you look for safety in numbers, you should first look to see if they’re on your side.

  • Happiness can be pursued directly but seldom attained by doing so. Happiness is a path of life that we sense from time to time in our blindness as we cross its path. When we sense these moments we need to examine what is occurring within us as well as what is going on about us. Only by doing this repeatedly can our winding paths get closer and closer to the path of our happiness until our wandering becomes an approximation of the path that we need to follow.

  • Constructive criticism is like mustard, benefiting, but only if taken with something else that is already liked.

  • In atomic reactions, we are all familiar with how reactions tend to advance towards uncontrollable results; humans are very much like atomic reactions when it comes to the way fears tend to spread among people towards uncontrollable and unintended consequences.

  • It is the wisest among us that discovers no other purpose in life than what that person put there.

  • It is easy to reach conclusions, especially in the absence of thought. Instead of reaching conclusions, the process should often be more accurately called over-reaching conclusions.

  • The best among us will come primarily from those that are unafraid of failing.

  • We are compelled to dwell in a universe of uncertainty; those that seek certainty seek to live in fantasy; all that can be done is to reduce uncertainty, not eliminate it. Uncertainty is reality; it is certainty that is unreal.

  • If one wants to be great, then one should think great thoughts about great things; If one wants to be mean, then one should think mean thoughts about mean things; if one wants to be petty, then one should think petty thoughts about petty things, for we become that on which our thoughts dwell.

  • If you ever discover yourself, steal it from the culture and keep it safe.

  • In shedding our fears, we will discover nobility undetected before.

  • One will cross a river faster by building a raft than praying for the river to run dry.


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Page 94 of  139

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