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  • Which is the more cowardly, to cringe in fear when others show no fear of a clear and present danger, or to act fearlessly because of the fear of what others may think? The first is a fear of that which might harm; the second is a fear only of the thoughts of others.

  • ďConscienceĒ exists in the singular only; when more than one, it is called consensus; when representing masses it is called meaningless.

  • Most often when plans for the future donít work out, it is the future that is blamed and not the planner.

  • The reason that great lies are believed and small ones arenít, is because we tend to believe the great lies, for we think that no one would make up something so preposterous, and besides, life is actually made up of many events that once were preposterous but true.

  • More of us would be willing to resist temptation if we were certain that it wouldnít go away permanently.

  • Our governments have built prisons for those that victimize others; we have our own skulls to imprison ourselves, for we have victimized ourselves far more than those in the prisons.

  • Frequent rage is serialized madness.

  • If we lean too often on others for support, the others become brittle.

  • Space exploration is interesting and expensive and quite possibly a waste of money; the most important space to explore that would be productive of what we need the most of, is the space that is supposedly filled with our brains.

  • We will never understand how we can love some people but be glad they arenít close by.

  • The citizens of any nation are made or kept immature by the possibility of being rewarded in lawsuits where they blame others for what they should have been responsible for in preventing.

  • There are many that seem so opposed to trying to understand themselves that it is easy to assume that they believe that ignorance trumps knowledge every time.

  • Honest introspection is not for the weak or the cowardly, and perhaps not even for the weak of stomach.

  • The emotional state that results from maturing is impossible for another to understand if not experienced; it is like trying to describe the taste of chocolate to one that has never tasted it.

  • The most destructive factor in mankindís future is our ignorance, which becomes even more destructive by our dependency on others for our directions in living.

  • Whenever we hear another say that they know something for certain, or even when we are certain of a fact, we should always realize that what is being expressed is only a feeling. The most certain thing in this situation is that we feel certain that what is being said or thought is the truth. Many times it is.

  • Love that ceases never was.

  • It is up to each generation to create the tools that will be needed for the next generation; it is not up to each generation to try and create a future that wonít require tools.

  • Grief is slow to be digested, and once having done so leaves a lifelong emptiness that isnít filled by another grief.

  • It is surprising how often, when a dreaded circumstance occurs, that if we do absolutely nothing in response, nothing at all happens; the dreaded circumstance then becomes impatient and goes elsewhere to torment another.

  • Advice is most often requested when we want another to confirm our intentions.

  • If you are proven wrong in a heated argument, few things will elevate you more in the eye of the winner as freely admitting that error, and nothing will decrease you more than to hang on to the original viewpoint as still being somehow correct.

  • The wisest individual isnít the one that receives and recites the wisest thoughts of others, but the one that most retains and employs them.


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