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  • Those that agree with one another do so for what they overlook. Those that disagree with one another do so for what they wonít overlook.

  • The concept of balance as being a virtue in life is a peculiar concept. Should knowledge be balanced by ignorance? Should good be balanced by evil? Should contentment be balanced by discontent? Should comfort be balanced by pain? Should progress be balanced by retreat? The list is near endless, but it is enough to say, bring on the imbalances.

  • Were it not for the certainty of our knowledge, there would be more knowledge that is certain.

  • The most average family in America would still be non-average in many ways.

  • There is no such thing as a bad-conscience, but there is such a thing as a violated conscience.

  • When we work to get money to buy things of little or no lasting value, we are taking a part of our lives and trading it for nothing.

  • Statistical results, like beauty, are in the mind of the beholder.

  • In the five stages of grief, the first is denial, which lends suspicion to our beliefs in a life after death.

  • We run many risks by standing still.

  • We feel foolish when we look for the glasses that we are wearing but not when we look for the source of happiness outside ourselves when it lies entirely within.

  • The past most reliably repeats itself within our ignorance.

  • The romantic belief that the Native Americans never owned the ground beneath their feet is true if one means that they didnít record a deed at the county courthouse; however there was often considerable dispute over what territory belonged to which tribe, disputes which resulted in far more shedding of blood than is done over todayís deeds of ownership.

  • It is not enough to walk a mile in anotherís shoes; you must also climb the same mountain in those same shoes.

  • Love exists when the happiness of another brings one the greatest happiness.

  • The best advice is to render none.

  • Anyone that is willing to die for a belief must find that the reason for believing lacks reason.


Comments - Our Non-Religious Beliefs
Page 94 of  131

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