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  • Perhaps the reason that so many are more praised after their deaths than before is because the praise canít go to their heads.

  • Those that claim that crime doesnít pay, never knew a defense attorney.

  • We seldom misjudge others so much as when we assume that they will act rationally.

  • The rationality of a mob is far less than the sum of its parts.

  • In nature, our deaths are no more than the falling of autumn leaves.

  • Perhaps it would be better for some if today were named do-day.

  • We have built dams against the flow of water, but none against the flow of time.

  • Obligations arenít chains that we can make and impose on another; rather, obligations are the chains that one makes and imposes on oneself.

  • Labor unions that will not restrain their demands are like a fruit picker that will cut down the apple tree to get its fruit.

  • If we all expressed anger to everyone that angered us that anger would spread around the world in a matter of a few day; love works the same way, but because of human nature. it spreads so slowly that few seem to notice it because of their anger.

  • Repetitive work has the benefit of making products less expensive; but it also has the effect of making satisfying work almost nonexistent.

  • Those that claim that allís fair in love and war may be correct, but only if they have read the rulebook that no one else has ever seen

  • It would seem that those that call themselves naturalists regard mankind as somehow not part of nature unless he reverts back to some primitive state that characterized mankindís evolution for hundreds of thousands of years. If this is what natural means to the naturalist, it is unlikely that any can be found even among the naturalists.

  • Knowledge is only a tool that can be used to make something out of lifeís experiences in much the same way that that a carpenterís tools can be used to make a home out of lumber.

  • Do you suppose that those that talk to themselves require external stimuli before they can take their thoughts seriously?

  • When a baby is born, the parents are happy that the child isnít crippled in some way; to show their relief, they often set about to cripple the child by trying to protect it from the consequences of its acts.

  • One doesnít have to be blind to overlook the shortcomings of others; it only requires that we donít possess our own shortcoming of being critical.

  • Some are all cackle but no egg.

  • As we would want the world to treat our children well, we should also treat others well because they are the children of others.


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