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  • Plans without deeds are as trees without roots.

  • If we were all perfectly consistent, we’d all still be in cribs and diapers.

  • We would be happier if we didn’t look at life as a series of rewards and punishments, but looked at life as only a series of effects resulting from what preceded. Looked at as effects, we are more able to act to produce the effects that we prefer rather than merely being recipients from the unknowable for acts that are often not recallable.

  • Half succeeding in something is worth more than completely succeeding in nothing.

  • It is easy to become bored with anything if we just think of everything as being composed of only two things,- the known and the unknown.

  • As we sail through life, if we focus on our wake we will miss the favorable winds.

  • We all perform on the stage of life, but we all perform without seconds.

  • It is curious how many things that we do willingly that would unpleasant if required.

  • When we say that “it” doesn’t make sense, we are correct, because we are the ones that make sense out of “it”. It is also true that we quite often make nonsense out of “it” too.

  • We, just like the hourglass, seldom accomplishes anything when horizontal.

  • The happier you are, the less you feel the need to buy; the more unhappy you are, the more you feel the need to buy.

  • Much of what we desire we should fear, as the moth is drawn to the flame that burns its wings.

  • It is wise to think of one’s self as only a brief bit of nothingness, but it is profoundly unwise to treat others as though they are also.

  • The newborn’s crying at birth starts a long process of mankind’s protesting against change.

  • Worse than trying and failing is the failing without the trying.

  • Much of what we call ourselves is little more than the accumulation of the various ways that we’ve responded to fears, some so long ago we no longer recall what caused the fear; yet the response lingers on causing us to respond to anything that we associate even vaguely with its origins.

  • Why are we so desperate to find intelligent life in space when we have done so poorly finding it here on Earth, and have done an even poorer job of developing that which we have found?

  • Much of mankind’s problems comes from using the wrong tools for a job at hand, and no instances of this is more common when we use our minds when we should have used our hearts, and using our hearts when we should have used our minds.

  • Of all the names of the seven days of the week, none are named “Tomorrow”.


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