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  • In a very real sense, everything we know is genuine; a genuine counterfeit dollar; a genuine copy; a genuine imposter; etc. What is needed is to know if the outside is representative of the inside, and this includes you and me, and especially our acts.

  • If we would only scrutinize our own opinions as thoroughly as we do the opinions of others, we would not only have fewer opinions but more of those that are soundly based.

  • Alcohol is the irrigation that problems use to grow and multiply.

  • To become what we can be, we must turn loose of what we have been.

  • Everlasting love would be like everlasting bread; both need to be made often to be of any value.

  • The emptiness that many feel within cannot be filled by food and drink, and cannot be filled by being surrounded by possessions, because the emptiness is not for want of matter but for want of self-fulfillment that is different for every individual, and has little to do with anything that is physical.

  • When our motives and motivations become the same, we become whole again.

  • When my time comes to die, I pray that Iím unconcerned as to whether there is life after death, because I hope that I will feel that Iíve done enough existing and desire no more.

  • If we would be free, we must not let the weight of what we should have done today become our burdens of tomorrow, lest they become our taskmasters.

  • We all exist as isolated bodies floating through time and space linked only by thin webs of words made more durable by our closeness to one another.

  • Great freedom plus danger takes second place to little freedom plus security when we feel insecure.

  • There are many that would prefer that everyone should have the same low standard of living under socialism or communism than a much higher standard of living under capitalism if that meant that some would become very wealthy.

  • Those that believe themselves to be free will never be free from the certain threat that will arise from those that are not free.

  • Perhaps we would be better at dying if we got to do it more often.

  • The bigger the mob is, the baser its goal.

  • We all find the greatest comfort in being surrounded by those with like beliefs, and this is a part of human nature; to choose to be around those with varying beliefs is discomforting and is not a part of human nature, but it is a part of becoming different from what we were.

  • The futures that we someday want to harvest must first be planted in our minds.

  • Those that are evil do evil in proportion to their knowledge; those that are good do evil in proportion to their lack of knowledge.

  • Although spontaneity is highly regarded, we should all be glad that some people arenít.

  • We are all transients but some of us are just much slower than others.

  • We are not nearly as much as we once hoped, but instead are far more than we ever feared.

  • Some travel through life, so focused on the rear-view mirror that they fail to see the danger just before them.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 95 of  161

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