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  • It is a unfortunate that the saying- “Beauty is only skin deep.” stands unchallenged, because it is clear that beauty is much more than skin deep.

  • No matter how perfect anything seems to be, it is mankind’s tendency to look ever closer to show that it is not.

  • The difference between conceit and pride is in the spelling.

  • Being proud of one’s charity raises the question as to the motive of the giving.

  • Having confidence that others will do what they have promised, is the mortar that holds civilization together.

  • When two disagree on any matter, only one may be correct, but is more probable that neither is.

  • We like to regard ourselves as competent even though we are almost 100% incompetent in the most fields of human activities.

  • Confidence is generally regarded as a virtue, but when confidence is ill-founded, it leads to failure and on occasion to calamity.

  • Bravery is the willingness to do that which is right in spite of dangers; dangerous acts that are done for applause are signs of a weakness not bravery.

  • Although we are humans, we are humane to lesser creatures in seeing that they suffer as little as possible and put them out of their miseries when hope is gone; when it comes to being humane to humans, we become sanctimonious and require that they suffer and not be put out of their miseries even when all hope is gone.

  • Integrity exists independently from the beliefs of others. Reputation exists only in the beliefs of others.

  • Doubt before deciding; then act without doubt but with conviction.

  • We enter college expecting to leave knowing everything from A to Z; but, if we have really been educated, then we graduate knowing that we only learned everything from A to B.

  • Having a superficial understanding of oneself is like having good ears but being deaf.

  • The true equality of all humans may be an aspiration, but it can never be an actualization.

  • It is surprising how many of us feel competent to judge the judgments of others on matters that are so complex that no one is competent of understanding the incomprehensible. To believe that we are competent is delusional.

  • Much of what we call facts are only wishes dressed up to be more presentable.

  • That blood is thicker than water is of little interest to one that thirsts.

  • When we claim that we understand another, it’s like claiming to have read a book by reading its cover.

  • Our commitments to others should, only in very rare circumstances, require a “stop-payment order.


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