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  • Itís strange how many people have second thoughts especially after the times that they had no first thoughts.

  • The main reason that empathy is so scarce today is because no one has found a way to promote it profitably.

  • Much of education today is like placing furniture in a home that has neither doors nor windows.

  • In a game, it is possible to beat someone because there are limits that determine winners and losers; in life however, when confronted by an opponent that will never admit defeat, winning is improbable.

  • The censorís ire reveals his own vulnerabilities.

  • Unsuccessful people break laws; successful people just bend them.

  • Even though you prepare for the worst and hope for the best, you will still have to deal with what comes as it will probably be neither.

  • One of the most important things that we can ever do is to help others to discover the riches that lie within them.

  • Wondering where we are in eternity is like wondering where a circle begins.

  • Nature tends to be absolutely permissive; without any instructions, it lets us succeed or fail, based on what we do.

  • The easy way is most often the deeply worn path that goes downward; it is the difficult way that most often provides the most certain way up.

  • Whenever anyone says that they did something, because they had no choice, you are in the presence of someone that is poor at taking inventory.

  • Many of lifeís problems persist because of our denial that they are problems; only by accepting that they are problems can we ever hope to solve them.

  • It is interesting to go exploring and understanding the Universe, but it would be far more beneficial to mankind if we first explored and understood the universe that exists within the human mind.

  • The Universe is constantly trending towards disorder; the fact that mankind can produce order on this speck called Earth ignores the fact that the whole Earth is entered in a race towards increased disorder.

  • Increasingly, we are tending to regard our noggins as mere ornaments instead of the source of thoughts.

  • Diversity of views and diversity of values are what keep a democracy from stagnating while at the same time offering a diversity of ways to solve the diverse problems that confront any changing society.

  • If confronted with something that cannot be changed or avoided, the happiest course is to find a way to like it.

  • Times have changed to the point that to offer a kindness to a stranger is often to put oneís life at risk.

  • Those that have learned self-discipline and perseverance achieve success because they require no praise other than that which originated from within.

  • Part of what is behind the reluctance of each society to maximize the development of the talent of everyone is that those in power fear that that talent, might exceed their own or descendantsí talents, and that they would then be challenged by those possessing the power of their newly developed natural abilities.

  • The most important thing to teach children is the value of unquenchable curiosity. With that, their education becomes life-long.

  • The secret of being constantly motivated is learning to be oneís own judge and therefore take no notice of the judgments of others.

  • It is a bit strange that we call someone accused of a crime as the alleged criminal but when the act is beneficial we never call that person the alleged benefactor.

  • The thin line between genius and insanity, in some individuals, is like a line drawn in the sand during a sandstorm.

  • Our children deny their responsibility for what they became when they accuse their parents of causing them to be as they are.

  • Friends become an extension of us, and we become extensions of them.


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