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  • The ripples we create will lap on shores that we will never see.

  • It may well be that a brave man dies just once but a coward dies a thousand deaths, nonetheless, just look at all the living that is done in between each of those deaths.

  • Perhaps God does help those that help themselves, but does that mean that Heís also partly to blame for the mistakes that are made?

  • It is said that if you chase two rabbits, both will escape, but it is also true that if you chase one rabbit, one rabbit will escape, as anyone that knows anything about rabbits will attest.

  • There are many mouths that operate at full speed before the mind is ever turned on.

  • It is surprising how many seem to appreciate the things that they canít have when they donít seem to appreciate the things that they already have.

  • Although tomorrow never comes, it always hangs around as something for which we must prepare.

  • In general we are fondest of what we make, that is until we make enemies.

  • Some races are won by the runners that are willing to stick their necks out at the finish line.

  • Becoming a squeaky wheel is a good idea if you want to get greased.

  • Sharp tongues stab more backs than sharp knives.

  • One that plans good acts but doesnít do them is no better than the person that plans evil acts but doesnít do them.

  • Fear is a blessing when it moves us away from danger, but a curse in the more frequent cases where it moves us away from dangers that never were.

  • Few things cut as deeply as when an act of kindness is perceived as an attempt to humiliate.

  • There is perhaps no harm in longing for things from out of the past until that longing starts disrupting our dealings with the present and future.

  • If you only strive to be average, donít forget, the average person is dead.

  • We can never escape the forge that shapes our lives; our only choice is the right to choose the blacksmith that shapes us. In the absence of choosing, many will compete to forge what cannot be predicted.


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