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  • Memory is the liar we always believe.

  • Marriage should be looked at as a kind of gardening that requires constant weeding and cultivation before receiving the harvest.

  • One half-truth plus another half-truth doesn’t equal one whole truth but two whole lies.

  • To be regarded as successful requires that we first overlook the flaws in our success.

  • Faith is only an assumption that we are motivated to regard as a fact.

  • How can anyone be regarded as free if felt compelled to act like others. How can anyone be regarded as free while obsessed about what others think?

  • To part with something that is disliked, may be a gift to the recipient but it is always a relief to the former owner.

  • We delight in the delusion that we can control our future.

  • Excellent mental health comes from having the same neuroses as those about you.

  • It is nonsense to believe that if there were enough monkeys at their own typewriters that one would eventually type out “War and Peace”. All of them would die of old age before any did the first page even if incorrect punctuation were ignored. Even the word “enough” couldn’t transform this idea into a truth except in theory.

  • Beliefs tend to decrease geometrically as to the number of facts and falsehoods tend to increase inversely as to the number of facts.

  • Professing faith is an acknowledgement that a belief cannot be supported by verifiable facts, as are many things that we never doubt that exist, but can’t be verified, such as integrity.

  • Adversity is far from evenly distributed, but there is a tendency for those to have little to magnify what they have, and for those that have an abundance, to minimize.

  • Love is extemporaneous if genuine; if love is planned it is fakery.

  • Those that are disturbed by the different opinions of others, are, could it be known, primarily disturbed by the doubts that they have about their own opinions.

  • Opportunities are less the product of finding and more the product of sweating.

  • When we take a well worn path, we should expect to see others going to where we once were; just the same as when we believe that we are progressing, others will claim just the opposite.

  • Whereas science makes no claims to certainty, but only to degrees of probability, religion makes only claims of certainty without any probabilities other than 100%.

  • For some reason, it is easier to assume intellect in those that say little than it is in those that speak much.

  • In the beginning, man created superstitions because there was little knowledge to explain the world about him; today there is much knowledge, but superstitions persist even when knowledge has shown them to be only superstitions.

  • Nothing will clarify one’s thoughts, on any subject, as much as writing those thoughts so that another will be able to understand them.

  • Though an act may be obvious, the motive remains a mystery.


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