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  • Many, correctly sensing the cause of their miseries, spend the rest of their lives taking revenge on themselves.

  • We often quote out of context, but we more often live out of context.

  • Never try to help the apathetic because they are beyond help.

  • Generally, we forget what we are taught and remember what we learn.

  • Whenever another has a financial interest in our choices, we should regard anything coming from that individual as not being information but merely possibilities.

  • When we destroy the dreams of others, we produce those individuals that will create our nightmares.

  • Those that abide by luck will lose while those that abide by probabilities will win, -probably.

  • Anyone that lives by the sword had better be wearing a bulletproof vest.

  • Why is it intended to cheer one when saying “Cheer up, it could be worse.”, when it would be far better if it were known that it couldn’t be worse?

  • The most confining of all prisons aren’t constructed of stone but of fears, prisons that will endure a lifetime as there are no pardons or paroles; the only opportunity for freedom is to escape by ignoring our fears and discovering that they existed only in our minds.

  • Fame is like a rocket on Independence Day; spectacular but soon forgotten by all, while a kindness, sensed only by one other, can be remembered for a lifetime.

  • If you are afraid of making a mistake, then you probably won’t make a success either.

  • Those that gain new powers are always eager to exercise them in much the same way as when one gets a new automobile.

  • Our own faults are more easily remedied after we first recognize them in another.

  • One will find it difficult to ever appreciate the small things in life if brought up surrounded by only the big things in life.

  • Abstinence makes the eyes to wander and the desire to grow ever stronger.

  • Perhaps actions do speak louder than words; however for many the actions speak a foreign language.

  • The Great Cheops Pyramid in Egypt wasn’t made by quarrying an enormous stone but by quarrying and transporting many much smaller stones.

  • An egotist is one that does think of others first, but only when they are paying a compliment.

  • Sometimes very simple things can cause an unexpected and large increase in one’s happiness, and one of these is to simply not judge others in any way regardless of what they do, whether their acts are positive or negative.

  • It is often said: “You never know until you try.”, but most often we don’t know even then, and that is the main reason to continue trying.


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