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  • Convictions about that which is false produces far more harm to mankind than do those that intentionally lie, because the lie is pursued weakly and for a short period while a falsely held conviction may last a lifetime and be pursued with vigor.

  • The very best gift that can be given to a loved one is to be the very best loved one than one can be. Anything that diminishes oneself tends to diminish that which another loves.

  • It is said that “we see things the way we are” instead of the way things are, but actually we do see things as they are, for what else could the eye do? What happens is that once we see things as they are, the mind lies to itself and declares it to be something different. The eye is innocent; the mind is guilty.

  • The believability of what is said varies inversely to the decibels in the saying.

  • Most individuals would be more open and therefore happier if our society were only more tolerant of our differences, differences that are far greater than we observe daily.

  • It is natural to abhor war and prefer that violence never occurs, but it is fantasy to believe that the kind of life we have in America would exist in the absence of earlier wars and violence.

  • The claim that “All the world’s a stage.” fits well with the observation that so many perform roles throughout life instead of being themselves.

  • Happiness in finding a life-long soul mate is to find someone that looks at you as a finished product instead of raw materials ready for processing.

  • Growing up is when we do something well and we no longer expect someone to put a gold star on it.

  • Most brains seem to reject foreign ideas as if they were organ transplants.

  • How frightening the world must have seemed to my grandmother who always made sure that I had clean underwear and socks on when I left the house, just in case I was taken to a hospital.

  • It seems that if we don’t have major problems, that we will dwell on medium size problems. If we don’t have medium sized problems, then we will dwell on small problems. If we don’t have small problems then we will dwell on miniscule problems. If we don’t have miniscule problems, then we’ll get out the microscopes immediately.

  • Most are more convinced of something, even if erroneous, by their own discovery than by the objective discovery of something by thousands of others.

  • Personal corruption and ruin are made easier and more probable by wealth.

  • We should wonder why in general things are more attractive while being pursued than they are while being possessed.

  • An open mind can be like an open trashcan where anything can be deposited or like an open bank where things of value are stored for future use.

  • Only the person, apparently acting courageously, can tell you whether an act was done because of ignorance of the danger, whether done to impress others, whether for fear of what others might say if the act were not done, or whether the act was done because that was the right thing to do in spite of one’s fear.

  • One delusion that is a detriment to those that just touch on it is that somehow life owes them anything except death.

  • Lasting love is impossible when two individuals feel themselves to be less when in the presence of the other. Lasting love is certain when each feels themselves to be more when in the presence of the other. When one benefits and the other suffers, the appearance of lasting love is dependent on the patience of the sufferer.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 97 of  161

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