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  • It is a toss-up as to whether ignorance or unverifiable beliefs will bring on the greater calamity to mankind.

  • The voices of the past demand attention while those of the future can only hope.

  • We tend to see ourselves, not as we are, but through the eyes of others.

  • Although it is true that “Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can never hurt us.” it is also true that many have died because of mere words.

  • Inherent within our opinions is the acknowledgement of doubt, otherwise we would call them facts; but when another voices a contrary opinion, we are prone to defend our opinions as if they were facts.

  • Where do we go to appeal the sentence imposed by an unwritten law?

  • A criticism by another can also be regarded as a confession.

  • An opinion can be well founded yet abandoned because of a poor defense of it.

  • Who are we to ever say that someone died before their time? Doesn’t another’s death define their time?

  • It may be that we do live in the best of all possible worlds and in the best of all possible times, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t live in the worst spot within that world or at the worst time to be in that spot.

  • Walking a straight path in life may be difficult, but one can even walk in a straight line when going through a revolving door.

  • Our certainties tend to imprison our thoughts like the bars of a prison confines its prisoners. Both will imprison; certainties bar awareness from entring our thoughts the same way that bars of prisons prevent the entry of those from the outside.

  • When young we knew everything except our own ignorance.

  • Reality is whatever exists. Truth is the statement that accurately describes reality. Wisdom is a group of relevant truths about reality.

  • It should mean nothing to an individual, that others may think themselves better, that is, unless one has doubts about oneself already.

  • Admiration should be reserved for those that have so excelled, in some way that we recognize is beyond our ability to equal, but not so far as to keep us from trying.

  • Do we have any basis for believing that others would be any more receptive to our advice then we are to theirs?

  • The fearful are strengthened by the boasting of their beliefs. The strong find no need to boast.

  • Wanting to live long without aging is like wanting green that contains no yellow.

  • The old adage “Use it or lose it.”, doesn’t apply to one thing; reality, the less you use it the stronger it becomes.

  • Just because we have beliefs that are shared by others, but for completely different reasons, may be a reason to inspect the grounds of our own beliefs, but not necessarily their abandonment,

  • The person, that indicates pride of ancestors, boasts of one thing that he could not avoid.

  • Dividing a people into classes is a mindless division of several continuums into meaningless clumps.

  • The things that we should be most thankful for are not the things that we do give thanks for; rather, they are the many things that we have, that we’ve become so accustomed to, that we no longer recognize them as gifts.

  • Many answers are like doors waiting to be opened to new questions.

  • It is true that all that glitters isn’t gold; but it is also true that most that is gold doesn’t glitter.

  • The most unwise of choices is taking that path in life, strewn with those in sorrow, thinking that one is immune to what others were not.

  • A person’s beauty fades quickly to one attracted to it, but the beauty within captures forever.


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