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  • Wisdom tends to accompany age; however it is all too clear that many reject the company.

  • Anything that we find infinitely divisible should be suspected as existing only in the mind of mankind and not outside of it.

  • If life really begins at forty, should a killing of someone that is 39 be regarded as abortion or murder?

  • The meek may regret inheriting the Earth once the rest of us get through with it.

  • Traditions over the millennia have been valuable in holding societies, both large and small, together; however in the trend towards a one-world, these traditions more often divide and produce conflict than meld societies together.

  • Assuming that the reason for being in a canoe was to go somewhere, I think that most would rather be up the creek without a paddle than down the creek without one.

  • Where fools rush in is usually the place where fools choose to stay.

  • Those that remain on the offence can chose the time and place to apply their efforts while those on the defense must always be ready and disperse their defenses everywhere.

  • The best plan of all is to plan to change plans when circumstances change.

  • Many of the important problems that we encounter would have already been solved were it not for our waiting for someone else to solve them.

  • Once we get to know people, that we initially thought were normal, the more that we recognize that they arenít. It may just be that there is no such thing as an average person and that all we are referring to are our impressions about the average of all of the non-normal people.


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