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  • ďI told you so.Ē Is the final blow to the badly wounded.

  • If you watch your health, it tends to reciprocate.

  • One way to diminish the slavery of desire and fear is to establish a long-term plan and let it become oneís only guide. Soon one will find desires weakening and fears dulling until they fade into nothingness. Then one can truly say, ďI donít care what I want, and I donít care what I fear.Ē Then, one becomes really free for the first time.

  • Violence is more than inflicting physical harm; it is often the violence in our words that produces the longest lasting and deepest wounds of all.

  • Those that refuse to compromise towards life become as brittle as an ice cycle and just as durable.

  • Because of our innate insecurities, we seek absolutes in a Universe where there are few if any; truths of the moment stream by, while we, dipping our hands into that stream, grasp what we need for the day.

  • Perhaps those that claim that life is but a dream or an illusion, may be only practicing denial of that which is, or has been, too painful to accept.

  • There is no antidote for the poison of fear except knowledge; yet knowledge is one of the most difficult things to acquire when in fear; therefore, knowledge is best introduced like a vaccine, in order to prevent fears.

  • It is very unlikely that mankind evolved to become a spectator of life, but rather more likely evolved to be a participant in life.

  • Wages are what we rent our bodies and minds for, most instances of which are legal.

  • The faster one moves towards a goal, the more important it is to first know that there is a goal and where it is, otherwise oneís speed will become oneís liability. This becomes even more important as modern methods create ever more speed.

  • When we run down another, we are run down ourselves in the opinions of the listeners.

  • Dueling hasnít really ended; it has just stopped using lethal methods.

  • One of the easiest ways to take advantage of others is to persuade them that others are doing so, and that you know how stop it.

  • To move a large rock, donít apply five pounds pressure every second for one minute but apply three-hundred pounds of pressure for one second. The same works well for moving lifeís non-material obstacles too.

  • To discover if another is a true friend, just suggest a possible fault. If offended, the person is an acquaintance; if grateful, a true friend.

  • The successful person may have been successful because of a singular pursuit; the failing person may have failed because of too many pursuits; the wise person may also have become wise because of a few selected pursuits instead of too many.

  • Preaching to one that is depressed is like a cloudburst in a flood.

  • Each of us is the author of our history and not merely its leading character.

  • It is nearly impossible to recognize the irrationality of a pattern of living, when all about us, others are using the same pattern.

  • Many long-lasting relationships arenít perfect unions but perfect truces.

  • We should all take life seriously, especially if it is someone elseís.

  • We most often think of courage as the willingness to put oneís life in jeopardy, but the most commonly shirked courage is to put oneís ego in jeopardy.

  • Thoughts possess insight while words are blind; for this reason it is wise to permit our thoughts to lead our words. When words lead thoughts, pitfalls are many.


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