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  • Freedom without responsibility is like a zooís tiger without constraints.

  • There are many that say that we have control over our attitudes, but what is probably true is that we have control over how our attitudes are expressed. Undoubtedly we can influence our attitudes by focusing on doing so over extended periods. Saying that we have control over our attitudes sadly misrepresents the ease of attitudinal changes.

  • Those that tarry too long in deciding what to do in life will discover that life has done them.

  • No one yet has figured out how to live a long life without getting old, but much can be done to slow the negative effects of aging if one is just willing.

  • Obligations are not ours to give to others, and obligations are not otherís to give to us. Obligations should never be accepted merely because another claims that you should have them. Obligations come into being by our freely agreeing to future behavior. Anything else thatís called an obligation was manufactured by others to coerce future behavior on us.

  • Few are so confident of their worth to the world that they no longer want for some evidence that their lives werenít meaningless.

  • There are some whose concept of being broadminded relates only to females.

  • Which is the stronger, the coconut palm that sways with the wind but remains upright after the storm, or the sturdy oak that sternly resists the wind but is felled by the storm?

  • Many a happy life and perhaps even many perfect lives are ruined by the discontent that stems from the haunting feeling that everything can always be improved.

  • Planting a new idea in some minds is like planting an orchid in a briar patch.

  • To be happy, it is necessary that we like ourselves, but not necessarily be satisfied with ourselves; as we are our own most constant companion, disliking ourselves means that we donít even like our own company.

  • We can see clearly of what we were, but we remain blind to what we may become.

  • Even though the blackest night ends with the morning, ignorance has no such rhythm.

  • The best lessons are those that are learned in the absence of those avoidable learning experiences.

  • To try repeatedly and fail isnít foolish; to not keep trying, now thatís foolish.

  • Perhaps there are no shortcuts to success, but there are plenty of long-cuts.

  • It is said that the wisest person is one that knows what he doesnít know, but no one can explain how such a fete is accomplished. It is impossible to be fully aware of even the ignorance that dwells within us on matters that we believe to be true; time will bear this out with pain.

  • We can crush a bug in one second, but we couldnít make one in a lifetime of trying. Such is life, so easy to destroy and nearly impossible to create.

  • When our minds wander, we should have them check back with us on occasion lest they fail to return and we become one of the many that have lost our minds.

  • Ask most people what they need to make them happy and almost all will indicate some great sum of money; it makes no difference apparently that among those that have that amount of money that no greater percentage are happy than those with little; the wealthy just dwell on different worries.

  • Has anyone ever determined whether itís better to have delusions of grandeur or just plain old delusions?


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 98 of  161

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