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  • To blame the prior generation, for the conditions of today, is to state the obvious; as each generation is the cause of the one that follows.

  • Generally, the less we know on a subject, the more likely we are to believe that we understand it.

  • The only way we can keep things from changing, is by changing the definition of the word “change”.

  • When we long for the “good old days”, what we long for is the time when we were valued instead of being ignored as in the present.

  • Freedom is measured by the number of choices that are available of which the individual is aware.

  • Some contend that circles have no beginnings and no ends, but both are untrue; circles begin with the area that they enclose and end with the area that they don’t. Life can be a continuing process of becoming free, that, when looking back on what we once were, we recognize that we were very far from being free, even though at that time, we believed we were.

  • The concept of “unnatural” is meaningless; at one time it was unnatural to live in a house instead of a cave.

  • If we were as concerned by the slovenliness of our thoughts as we are of our bodies, we would reduce most of our problems to those caused by nature.

  • What we regard as thought is most likely an array of Pavlovian reflexes that combine to produce a well disguised expression that no longer recognizes its origins.

  • Accurate communications are far rarer that we believe, and miscommunications, far commoner than we fear.

  • Communism is founded on the common desire of many to bring those that are above down to their level; in this only, has Communism succeeded.

  • Many compliments are little more than the dropping of a coin into a beggar’s cup.

  • In searching for information on any matter, it is easy to get too much information. We should all remember that the more information that we have, the greater the opportunity to choose the misinformation that suits our personal purposes.

  • To say one thing today and its opposite tomorrow, may not be inconsistency; but may be consistency with one’s beliefs that are ever yielding to a constantly changing world.

  • A sense of security is solace to the development of danger.

  • Conspiracy theories are especially alluring to those that have failed in life; as conspiracies serve as scapegoats that they manufacture for themselves and to explain the failures of others.

  • Is it really contentment if one’s contentment is with a life that constantly improving?

  • Convictions tend to weaken their owners in proportion to the untruths that support them, and to strengthen in proportion to the truths that they encompass.

  • Becoming a slave to fashion and style is to communicate: “I have no taste; can you lend me some of yours?”

  • For others to regard you as being beyond all hope, may not be such a bad thing; it all depends on what they were hoping for.

  • Cruelty becomes a virtue after it clothes itself in morality.

  • Custom is more for observation than observing for those that would become free.

  • The belief of a danger often causes us to respond by creating even more serious dangers.


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Page 98 of  131

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