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  • To a wise person, the most agreeable companion is one who disagrees when in disagreement.

  • Some use quotations like a warrior would use a shield to protect his soft body parts.

  • When some people make their mark in the world, it looks more like graffiti.

  • Change is inevitable; its direction is optional.

  • To get the masses wanting change, the future must seem to hold less threat than the present.

  • When the individuals in a loving relationship do particular things in order to receive what they want in return the union will either end or evolve into unhappiness. A long lasting relationship continues to grow when each provides for the other’s needs without any expectations of something in return.

  • We are often surprised at how little we have in common with those about us, failing to remember that eventually we will have everything in common.

  • Those who seek to find those who are lost are often the ones who have been lost the longest.

  • Undoubtedly reality exists; its nature though will always be a hypothesis.

  • Many of our problems appear too large to overcome; yet, we might also assume the same thing about a pizza simply because we can’t swallow it in one bite.

  • Those that like to listen to your problems may be secretly rejoicing.

  • Many criticize science for its frequently changing its opinion on matters; of course that is what science should do unless the critics think it wiser to keep old opinions when knowledge shows that those opinions were false. Science isn’t a dogma; rather it is a process of constantly seeking truth.

  • The greatest challenge in teaching is in teaching without diminishing curiosity; as curiosity will be the teacher long after schooling has ended.

  • The poorest among us are those that no longer appreciate the small things in life.

  • The longer the period of great prosperity, the greater becomes the danger of a long period of economic hardship.

  • It may be that a rising tide will lift all boats, assuming that they are floating; but the boats of the poor are most often on the bottom and not at the top.

  • It is true that opposites attract; how else can you explain the attraction between men and women.

  • Those who seek the approval of others will never be free and always remain a slave to their whims.

  • The secret of a successful society today is to have slavery without the slaves recognizing that they’re slaves.

  • Some relationships are like a bird that soars; however when one of them dies, the survivor soars like a one-winged bird.

  • Art is appreciated less on merit and more by being anointed by those that claim to be experts.

  • All of us should be glad for the extreme diversity of individuals for without that diversity we would have great difficulty in feeling superior to those who are different.

  • A child cannot ask a silly question; adults on the other hand, can provide silly responses.

  • The more that you get to know aggressive individuals, the more that you recognize that most are sheep in wolf’s clothing.

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders are far more numerous than recognized because when they are applauded by society, they are often called virtues.

  • The most frequent bribery of all is when we promise children something in order to get them to stop acting like children.

  • If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, it might just be that they’re all deaf; and it also might be that they will all be crushed by the tree.

  • One thing that distinguishes mankind from all others within the Animal Kingdom is that it contains those that are willing to undergo pain and suffering for the sole purpose of inflicting the same on others.

  • Those who claim that something in life isn’t fair usually keep the rule books in their heads.

  • The easiest way to get others to believe you is to tell them what they want to hear; truth is entirely irrelevant.

  • Unfortunately each life occasionally casts a shadow on others; but the only way to avoid this is to dwell in total darkness.

  • The door to success is often named “impossible”.

  • Variety is supposed to be the spice of life; however everyone knows that it is all to easy to put in so much spice that it becomes inedible.

  • If love were truly blind, then why do we put so much emphasis on the looks of the other?


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