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  • Although it is easier to dig a grave with a shovel, many Americans prefer to use a knife and fork.

  • When the conditions around us become desperate, it is imperative that we donít.

  • No one has ever found a way of teaching wisdom except by example, and even that usually fails.

  • If a pig could speak, and speaking wisely, and if a leader were speaking, but speaking foolishly, follow the pig.

  • It is easy to accept the opinion of another as a fact, but the only fact is that what was said was only the opinion of another.

  • No one becomes an overnight success, but many that are successful often become recognized overnight.

  • To take from a society without commensurate contribution is like the person who would take water from a pond and believe the act doesnít reduce the pond by that amount

  • We should live our personal lives as a minority of one governed by a majority of one.

  • The moment anger is detected in ourselves or in others; we are no longer engaged in a discussion but a struggle to dominate, and against being dominated.

  • To excuse yourself in whatever you do is to invite more failures.

  • Those that endlessly seek approval from others need to first find it in themselves.

  • More and more the mark of a successful culture is the production of uniformity of belief; more and more the challenge of the individual is to escape that uniformity.

  • It is often said that a person that preaches one thing but does another is hypocritical, but perhaps this is only the first step in reform that the individual is taking, because to long think something is most often to eventually become it.

  • Sorrow like wind can be used to propel us from one place to another, and sorrow like wind can destroy us along the way if unprepared for the journey.

  • The wailing of the fallen is no less pitiful because they fell of their own acts.

  • The tongue can poison oneís self without being swallowed.

  • One way to get a coconut is by felling the tree; one way to have no coconuts is by felling trees.

  • The zeal of mankind is most apparent on matters where zeal is applied to that which is only hypothetical or known the least.

  • Instead of being proud that we know so much, we should be humble that we know so little.

  • The key virtue in life is to be well intentioned, for without that virtue all others are mere accidents.

  • When young we knew others by their words; when older we knew them by their acts; when old we knew them by their results.

  • A foolish person is one that shuts the mind before shutting the mouth. .

  • Ostentation is like a white flag proclaiming surrender to the opinions of others.

  • Nitpicking is the fine art of making great faults out of small ones without ever being detracted by oneís own smallness of character.

  • In matrimony, the heart is a vigorous but fickle hunter; however, the mind is a meticulous but steadfast acquirer.

  • Vanity is a poison unto its own self.

  • Many dispense words as though they might be perishable.

  • Each year should not be used as something to consume; rather it should be used as a foundation for the following year.

  • Life provides for few requests but does for many demands.

  • Every culture would be very different if its people were as enthusiastic about finding truths and understandings as they are about finding comforts and pleasures.

  • Bragging is the distress call of a depleted sense of self.

  • Those that want to not be forgotten can only write their names in the sand of time.

  • Although the baby gets others to do its bidding by behaving as a baby, it seldom works for those no longer a baby.


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