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  • The tyrant that rules our days and nights isnít another, but the beliefs that we hold that oppose our nature, and the nature that we have that goes begging because someone decided that our nature is evil even though our nature was assumed to be of Godís creation.

  • It is such a mystery that we mourn over the kind things left undone for one now dead, yet leave kind things undone for those that still live.

  • We have instruments that are used to inspect other tools and instruments, but our minds are handicapped by having no other tool or instrument that is adequate for inspecting itself.

  • Individuals never cling so tightly to anything as when they feel in peril of falling.

  • Those that whine that lifeís unfair and they donít get the benefits they deserve, and are beseeched by hardships that also werenít deserved, apparently believe that life should operate like a supermarket where they get and pay for what they want and they arenít forced to take home the supermarketís garbage either.

  • Instead of claiming that we havenít found ourselves, we should say that we havenít yet completed ourselves, and perhaps never will.

  • Living is and has always been a risky adventure; because it is risky, we shouldnít be surprised by its occasional pains. Today, there seems to be an increasing assumption that those failures in life that resulted in pain must be the fault of others and that others should pay us for the pain that we could have prevented by a moderate application of thought.

  • Those that believe that theyíre sitting on top of the world are in peril of freezing their rears.

  • Unconditional love is just a fantasy. How can anything be unconditional when our existence is conditional, and when our own mental stability is conditional?

  • Expecting to get ahead in life without training or education is like trying to climb a ladder with no rungs.

  • Those that are prone to blowup and give others a piece of their mind, should make sure that the piece is one that isnít used, such as the part that makes wise decisions.

  • Anyone that is in competition and doesnít take losses personally will have losses to spare.

  • Since we can never know what we can do, we shouldnít make any assumptions about ability, but proceed as if there were no limits.

  • Without at least some trust, weíd never be able to sleep, as there can never be any assurance that we will ever awaken.

  • Being critical of oneself gives us no license to be critical of others.

  • When a teenage boy is aroused, everything looks sexual, and when a teenage boy isnít aroused, everything looks sexual, but just less so.


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Page 99 of  161

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