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  • Our greatest waste of natural resources is in what is around us every day, -the natural talents in each of us that will never be developed.

  • Nothing can be heard so far beyond earshot as a secret whispered.

  • At times it seems as though dogs were put on Earth to fulfill the lives of humans and that humans were put of Earth to fulfill the lives of cats.

  • Trust is something that should be earned; those that give it free of charge will fall victim to those who will then give them reason for distrust.

  • There may be some safety in numbers, but it should be remembered that they attract more attention and make a bigger target.

  • Although no one welcomes adversity, if we carefully examine our past we will find that adversities have ended up affecting us positively more than negatively.

  • Deep within each of us is a cornucopia of great beauty that yeans to be discovered but is kept hidden by the cultural myths of what our culture wants us to believe. Until we get beyond the superficial, we will never have an inkling of the great beauty of what we were, are, and could become.

  • Those who are looking for the perfect “10” spouse may need to settle for a “9” if that prospective spouse is also looking for the perfect “10” spouse.

  • The average individual remains trapped within a social framework where freedom is lauded but seldom sought.

  • In the absence of adults, the operative intelligence of teenagers functions inversely to the square of their number.

  • As long as humans feel insecure, conflict will result in their passion for the power to make them feel secure; but since there will always be insecure humans, there will always be conflict.

  • Most people believe that using our power of reasoning to make decisions usually produces the most predictable results; however, we also tend to make two other kinds of decisions that are often difficult to tell apart even by the person making the decision. We make intuitive decisions that reflect what is deep within us and we also make impulsive decisions whose origins are usually within others who wish to manipulate our fears and desires for their benefit.

  • Lack of medical coverage, just like the daily apple, can keep the doctor away.

  • One of the great tragedies of life is that by the time that we mature enough to realize how necessary others were in causing us to be what we became, that it is too late to thank them because they are no more.

  • In a circus, we see various animals trained to jump through hoops of fire, while in daily life we see those, who have been trained to follow fads and styles, do the same on cue by their trainers as they call the old to be outmoded and the new ones stylish. The difference is that the animals get rewarded for performing while people willingly pay to perform.

  • Every August 15, we should all sing happy birthday to our money, for it was on that date in 1971 when our money was born as a fiat currency. A fiat currency is one that has absolutely nothing supporting it other than the government’s promise that issued it. And, what does the government promise to back up every dollar that it prints? What it will gladly do is give you another one just like it should you ever want to redeem any. Wow, where could you hope to get an offer that good? If you bought a defective toaster and returned it to where you bought it, would you feel any better if they honored their no questions asked return policy by giving you another defective toaster?

  • Be leery of any long-term financial contract that is signed during a time of plenty for it can become a financial death certificate during a time of scarcity.

  • The moral values of the middleclass can be attributed to their having enough money that they don’t have to resort to the survival methods of the lower-class, but not enough to corrupt themselves like the upper-class.

  • Those who are most prone to express their beliefs are instead expressing their doubts.

  • True education provides more questions than answers; today’s education provides few questions and should be branded “indoctrination”.

  • We should never judge what another does until we have all of the facts. We never have all of the facts.

  • In boating down the river of life, it is far more valuable to know where the shoals are than where we would find the deepest water.

  • Before choosing a career path, try to discover what you would like to do even if you were never paid and then try to find a career that most resembles what you found.


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