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  • Many plan without doing; many do without planning; the few plan and then do.

  • To be dishonest with others invites their scorn; to be dishonest with oneself is to not be.

  • Men are more often willing to face the possibility of death than the derogatory words that are said by not doing so; women tend to be wiser regarding words.

  • Building character should never be considered a finished project but one that hungers for more building then at the beginning.

  • Following custom is often like following a Judas goat; it may know where itís going, but you may not be happy with the outcome.

  • What is there about our nature that so attracts us to useless information when it is called a secret and not to useful knowledge that is widely available?

  • To make excuses is to make us less than we were before. To take responsibility is to make us more than we were before.

  • To go into debt to do the things that impresses others is like painting a home instead of treating its termites.

  • We tend to be more concerned about the intent of our acts, while others are more concerned about the results.

  • Despair commonly leads to lethargy, but often it ferments into violence.

  • Almost any job, that seems too great, can be felled by nibbling.

  • Dignity doesnít require otherís recognition of what we are, it only requires our own recognition.

  • Disappointment is always the product of unwise expectations; a linkage that clearly shows how to never be disappointed in life.

  • If we are to don a disguise, better it be one of humility than pride.

  • There would be fewer disputes were we all to assume the truth of anotherís contentions, but only with reservations.

  • We can judge anything and anyone; but to understand, that is the difficult part.

  • The four stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, and acceptance, also applies to more minor misfortunes; it is best to bypass the first three steps and go directly to acceptance and get on with life.

  • Accepting dogma eliminates the need to think as we merely accept the thoughts of others.

  • To slay the dream of another is a kind of cruelty as that dream may have been all that sustained that personís hopes.

  • Never ignore what a person says while intoxicated, because what is said may be much closer to the truth than when sober and fearful.

  • Now that we no longer duel with the weapons of long ago, we duel with words that are sometimes more painful and causes wounds that are more difficult to heal.

  • To criticize anotherís eating habits is almost as great of an offence as finding fault with the personís religion, children, or political party.

  • Words of anger echo back to us like ricocheting stones.

  • When shopping, it is best to wear both your glasses and your ear plugs.

  • A person should be judged as one would a nail, not easily bent when struck.

  • Every individual has ancestors that were rogues and some that were heroes. We are not made less by the former or more by the latter, and it is only the vain that denies one and boasts of the other.

  • Acting at the wrong place and the wrong time is no better than not acting at the right place and the right time; but it is only by action that one can know which is which.

  • Before providing any discipline to others, we should first be sure that we have a surplus of our own.


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