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  • One of the things to recommend about the wages of sin is that they are exempt from income taxes.

  • There are two general kinds of individuals for which we should avoid. One is the individual which is so ends oriented that the means of getting there seems inconsequential. The other is the individual which is so means oriented that where those means will take us seems inconsequential.

  • Since the pendulum is so dull, it seems to cut nothing but air; but if we think about it for a minute, it also cuts away time with each swing and with enough swings, it cuts away lives as well. Thus the pendulum is really the scythe of the Grim Reaper.

  • One of the best things about quixotic pursuits is that you donít have to concern yourself with what to do afterwards.

  • When confronted by fear, the safest course always tends to be to move with the herd even if we have no idea where the herd is headed. We usually find that those at the head of the herd donít either because they are running away instead of towards.

  • Most look at words as being like tightly packed little suitcases which contain specific things; however, words are empty suitcases whose contents vary over time depending on the messages to be delivered.

  • As long as doubts cloud our beliefs, we will seek comfort in the company of those who believe as we do.

  • Ignorance has, and probably always will, produce misinformation much faster than education can produce knowledge.

  • Although we may believe that we understand others, unless we know their addictions, whether they be to substances or to behaviors, they are still strangers.

  • We might be mistaken when we assume that others donít play by the rules because it may be that others are playing a different game than we are.

  • At mankindís major turning points, history tends to whisper to us when it should be shouting.

  • No longer will an economic downturn be allowed to run its course, which if it had been allowed would have been much more painful but much shorter. It used to be, before governments started intervening, that what happened was like having a tooth yanked out. Today, the tooth is still being pulled, but done very slowly.

  • If we canít trust the words of another we should never trust their deeds.

  • The wisest doubters are those who doubt their own doubts.

  • Young people seem to believe that youth is a vaccine for the prevention of death.

  • Generalities are interesting but since we are all different we should remember that the same key doesnít fit all locks.

  • The greater the concentration of power, the more it will be used arbitrarily.

  • Dictionaries shouldnít be regarded at as a source of the meanings of words; rather they should be regarded as history books of what others have meant by the words that they use.

  • Although familiarity may breed contempt, unfamiliarity almost always breeds xenophobia.

  • We often wonder why so many people seek fortunes well beyond what they will ever need. This quest has nothing to do with need. What people seek is power. The quest for power is insatiable and therefore the quest for the power which money provides can not be satisfied.

  • The primary use of conspiracy theories is to excuse oneís failures in life.

  • It is true that fools rush in where angels fear to tread; however, it is just as true that fools choose to stay where angels choose to vacate.

  • We tend to look upon addiction as a negative; however, many are actually addicted to doing the kinds of things which benefit others as well as themselves. Now, if we could only find how to get drug pushers to make some money pushing this kind of addiction, society could celebrate addiction.

  • It is surprising how quickly dreams vanish from our memories upon awakening; however, there is one other kind of dream that vanishes even quicker, the dreams which are told to us by others.

  • It may well be that a manís home is his castle; however, for many a woman her home is her dungeon.


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